This is not about Covid vaccinations.

Enough about the Covid already! Can't we talk about something else? Anything else.

I’m tired of whining about caring for unvaccinated Covid patients in the hospital. Instead, I’ll pass on complaints from my neighbor, who is a car mechanic, and has been complaining about the huge number of cars coming in lately from people who refuse to change their oil. “So many engine problems, some I can fix with a lot of work, some will never run as well again, and some are just dead. I ask them why they didn’t get oil changes. They say ‘I was going to get around to it’ or ‘that’s just the big oil companies trying to sell something we don’t need’ or ‘my engine is strong and doesn’t need oil’ or ‘I changed my oil once and got a terrible flat tire the next day’ or ‘I don’t want to put anything in my car if I don’t know all the ingredients’ or ‘an oil change wouldn’t have prevented this’ or ‘I heard that thousands of cars crash each year within days of getting an oil change’ or just ‘I don’t want you or your so-called experts telling me what to do with my car, when there’s an angry Facebook poster who tells me that I don’t need oil changes’. I’ve heard it all and they’re all idiots,” my neighbor said. “I’m thinking of starting a new policy: No engine repairs if you’ve refused to change your oil!!!”